Seanachaí: The Art of Storytelling

The “Seanachaí” is a traditional Irish storyteller who recited ancient folklore. During medieval times, when most Irish people didn’t have books, the Seanachaí used storytelling to pass down stories from generation to generation through theatrical stories, prose and song.

Even with the introduction of parchment and quills to the general population, the tradition of the spoken word was kept alive. Seanachaí became famous across the island of Ireland for their ability to tell tales from memory, reciting detailed historical events, poems and Irish legends, all without the use of books.

Here at Pearse Lyons Distillery, we pay homage to this ancient Irish craft. Each tour of our boutique Irish Whiskey distillery is delivered by one of our very own Seanachaí.

Our storytellers are gifted in the art of the spoken word, reciting tales of the colourful characters associated with St. James’ Church and The Liberties. Listen to their lyrical tales from bygone days when The Liberties was known as the “Golden Triangle” of Irish Whiskey.

Why not test your storytelling talents and share tales from Pearse Lyons Distillery with friends and family when you return home?


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