Mighty Molly & Little Lizzie

In 2011, Pearse Lyons transported two small-batch copper pot stills from Kentucky to Ireland and so began the adventure for Pearse Irish Whiskey. When the Pearse Lyons Distillery at St. James opened its doors in 2017, the stills had pride of place, nestled in the sanctuary of St. James’ Church illuminated by the warm amber light coming from the stained glass windows.

They are an unusual pair of Kentucky small-batch copper stills, and their unique design gives our Irish Whiskeys a special character. They have been christened Mighty Molly and Little Lizzie in honour of the Lyons family’s distant relatives.

Mighty Molly is our wash still, manufactured in Kentucky with her own unique whiskey heritage. Molly’s design includes a “neck and ball” configuration to assist in refining the spirit character in the first step of our distillation process.

Little Lizzie is our spirit still and is somewhat unusual as she has four rectification plates installed in her neck that further purify and refine the spirit collected to make our Irish Whiskeys. Through the special design of Little Lizzie, we are able to harness the fullness, complexity and refinement of flavour of a double-distilled Irish Whiskey


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